Our Earth Journey

A Journal Notebook


Excerpts from Our Earth Journey

"There are those who like to believe they have dominion over all the 'lesser' kingdoms -- yet in some sense, the opposite is true. No other life form has such a delicate, unstable, easily influenced energy field. Every life form that interacts with us leaves its mark upon us."

"When we open to healing, all our relations will be there to help us: the trees, the birds, the flowers, the crystals-they will sing to us and welcome us back into the Family of Life. And we will remember that we are in the Garden of Eden."

"A short relationship can be a successful relationship. Just because it ended doesn't mean it failed. Each relationship is an opportunity for growth. All your previous relationships are the groundwork on which you build your present and future relationships."

"Women tend to carry their loyalty to their mothers into their relationships. Before you look at your mate through your mother's critical eyes, ask yourself whether shehad a fulfilling love relationship."