Vibrational Healing through the Chakras
by Joy Gardner

Table of Contents

Invocation and Gratitude             
Part 1 ~ Vibrational Healing and the Chakras          
            Physics and Metaphysics            
            Why Vibrational?            
            Overview of Chakras and the Human Energy Field            
            The Vibrational Healer
            History, Locations, and Numbers of Chakras           
            Colors of the Chakras             
            The Rainbow System                
            Science of the Chakras            
            Different Realities            
            Opening and Closing of the Chakras             
            Author’s Experience with the Chakras            
            Chakra Diagnosis            
            Vibrational Alignment™            
            Feeling Your Own Chakras      


Part 2 ~ Light, Color, and Frequencies           
            Science of Electromagnetism      
                        The Electromagnetic Spectrum            
                        Terminology of Waves and Electromagnetism      
                        Visible Light: Frequencies of Colors          
                        Invisible Light
                        Other Forms of Electromagnetic Energy   

 Joy Gardner’s Spectrum of Biological Frequencies              
                        Brain Frequencies and the Schumann Resonance            
                        Other Anatomical and Food Frequencies            
                        Audible and Musical Sounds            
                        Frequencies in the Home
            Cellular Response to Light and Color  
            Practical Applications of Light & Color  
                        Light Bulbs  
                        Eyeglasses and Sunglasses           
                        Suntan Lotion and Ultraviolet Light     


Part 3 ~ Healing with Color (Chromotherapy)        
                        History of Color Healing           
            Color and Light Techniques and Equipment            
                        Visualization and Color Breathing            
                        Color-Charged Water
            Color Healing for the Face    
            How to Use Color in Your Daily Life


Part 4 ~ Healing with the Voice           
            Cultural and Spiritual Uses of Sound            
            Author’s Experience with Sounding            
            Sound, Science, and Medicine            
            Emotional Release Through Toning
                        Toning Exercises            
            Toning for the Chakras          


Part 5 ~ Healing with Aromatherapy           
            History of Aromatherapy            
            Spiritual & Magical Uses of Aromas          
            Science of Aromatherapy            
                        Olfactory Anatomy            
                        Research in Aromatherapy           
                        Frequencies of Essential Oils            
            Author’s Experience with Essential Oils    
            Practical Aspects of Aromatherapy            
                        How Essential Oils are Produced            
                        Precautions and Instructions for Using Essential Oils            
                        Common Uses of Essential Oils           
            Healing with Essential Oils            
            Correlating the Oils with the Chakras            

Part 6 ~ Healing with Crystals           
            Cultural and Spiritual Uses of Crystals          
            Science of Crystals            
            Author’s Experience with the Stones            
            Using the Stones            
                        Reading a Stone            
                        Terminology of Stones            
                        Stone Kits     
                        Cleansing the Stones            
                        Stones as Jewelry            
                        Crystal Layouts            
            Correlating the Crystals with the Chakras           


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