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These workshops and seminars cover a broad range of topics including: energy healing, vibrational healing, vibrational medicine, chakra balancing, depossession, holistic healing, past life regressions, shamanism, sound healing, toning, improvisational music, aromatherapy, energy medicine, crystal healing, gemstone healing, past life regressions, chakra healing, color or colour healing, color therapy, chromotherapy, spiritual healing, spiritual journeys, personal transformation, underlying cause of dis-ease, Chakra Diagnosis, Vibrational Alignment and releasing earthbound spirits, core belief work, self-hypnosis, cellular consciousness, spiritual journeys, manifestation, rejuvenation and ascension.

The RMA Mystery School
and Vibrational Healing Certification Program

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Syllabus for Phase 1


Workshop Descriptions for Phase 1

Requirements for Certification



The 2-week, in-person, Hawaii Segment
from August 9-23, 2017

NOTE: The first 3 workshops are open to the public (with Joy's approval) - the last workshop is only for
graduate students.
• August 9 & 10 - Arrival & Vibrational Alignments with Joy or other Practitioners**
• August 11 & 12 - Balancing the Chakras with Crystals, Color, Aromatherapy & Sound (10-5; 9-5)
• August 13- Rest
• August 14 & 15 - Emotional Release (10-9; 9-5)
• August 16- Rest
• August 17 & 18 - Meditation, Channeling & Releasing Earthbound Spirits (10-9; 9-12)
• August 19 - Rest
• August 20, 21 & 22 • Chakra Diagnosis, Vibrational Alignment & Graduation (9-5; 9-5; 9-5)
• August 23 - Completion

** All Certification students are required to receive one in-person Vibrational Alignment from me or one of my Certified Practitioners, at a reduced student rate of $100.

The Vibrational Healing Certification Program is part of the RMA Mystery School, so you will have the option of receiving a Certificate when you graduate, if you meet all the Requirements. But you're not required to be Certified, and you're welcome to just take the classes for your own personal growth. If you want to be Certified as a Vibrational Healer and are already completely familiar with some of the material that is being presented, you can omit those classes and receive credit for what you already know.


If you have taken parts of the RMA Mystery School in the past, but left before graduation, you are welcome to return and repeat the classes you took before, for just $25 per month, and then resume regular payment for the remaining classes. I would ask you to repeat or audit the classes you took before, to refresh your memory and to bond with your fellow and sister chelas..

My most popular workshop, Crystals and Aromatherapy--Balancing the Chakras, is available in DVD format. A similar workshop will be taught, in person, in Hawaii. Students in the Program are asked to do both, because a tremendous amount of information is covered. Those who cannot attend the whole program can still order the DVDs and (after doing the homework for each chakra) receive a small Certificate indicating that you have completed that part of the Program.

If you're interested in the RMA Mystery School, the first step is to send in the Questionnaire. Then, if it feels appropriate, I will contact you and schedule an interview.

Required reading: Body/Mind Journeys, by Joy Gardner, which is available only from me, at Joy's STORE. Vibrational Healing through the Chakras and Pocket Guide to Chakras by Joy Gardner are available at Joy's STORE and they can also be purchased from Amazon.com and through your local bookstore.


*It's not unusual for us to go a half hour to an hour overtime. If you have to leave before we're done, you can listen to the recording (i.e., you can audit that part of the class). For every technique that I demonstrate in one class, you will be given 2 weeks to give and receive that technique with a partner -- which you and your partner can schedule at the usual class time or at a mutually agreed-upon time. If you cannot attend meetings at the usual time, I may be able to put you together with someone who is also auditing the classes. Call 808 345-5838 or write if you'd like to discuss this."
If you are thinking about joining the Mystery School, please fill out the Questionnaire.

Note: In 2014, The RMA Mystery School merged with The Vibrational Healing Program. The Vibrational Healing Certification Program is no longer being taught separately.

Note: In 2016, we began Phase 2 of the RMA Mystery School. This is only open to graduates of Phase 1. Phase 2 began on July 5, 2016 and will continue until May of 2017, completing in Hawaii for 2 weeks, from June 1-15.

Phase 3 will begin in November, 2017.




Phase 2

Workshop Descriptions & Teacher Bios

Phase 2 Calendar of Workshops





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