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Six months earlier, I took photos in the same place,

and an orb appeared there.

On the previous page, notice that I am standing next to a huge boulder. It is almost six feet high, and five feet across. The Hawaiians in the neighborhood considered it to be a very special pohaku, a sacred rock, and I considered myself to be the Guardian of that boulder. It had special markings on it that looked Oriental or Egyptian. I chose the location of that house because it was alongside of a stream that ran year-round (to the left of the rock), and because of the boulder, and because of an ancient Hawaiian rock wall (to the right) and a huge mango tree (also considered sacred to the Hawaiians, because it is loved by one of the deities). You can almost see the mango tree on the far right of the second photo.

I spent two-and-a-half years looking for a place where I could make a shrine for Pink Tara, the Goddess of Gentle Strength, who had been coming to me, and to my clients, for over twenty years. I finally found the place, under the mango tree, next to the rock wall, about twenty feet from where these photos were taken. The orb in these pictures has a definite pink hue to it, so I always assumed that it was emanating from Pink Tara's shrine.

Here are two photos and a blow-up of the pink orb, taken by me, with a different camera, next to the same boulder, about 6 months earlier.

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