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Sometimes the Photographer Can See the Energy

Before Taking the Pictures

Here the photographer was Krista Markowitz, a good friend from Pacifica, CA. Krista has the gift of seeing energies (clairvoyance), and apparently she was able to transfer that gift to her camera. These are photos of her grown kids having fun at Christmas, and at a wedding. Krista experienced these energies as angelic presences. The first photo was taken in 1987, the second in 1989. I'm not sure about the third one.

Ka'imiloa also has the gift of being able to see the energies. In the photo below, we were at a sacred cave on Molokai. (I tell about this incredible experience in my unpublished book, Living From the Inside Out, in the excerpt called Sister Cave.) These patterns are similar to Krista's white angelic sweeps, but they are in absolutely clear crystalline formations. I saw nothing like this when we were there, but apparently Ka'imiloa knew exactly what she was doing when she took this picture.


All of these photos clearly follow the criteria for true paranormal phenomenon(see Page 1) laid out by the Iowa Paranormal Advanced Research Team ( about orbs):

"What you are looking for in 'orb' activity is a solid object that emits its own light. . . . If the orb has signs of movement, such as a blurred trail behind it, then you've got some rather solid evidence. . .
The other characteristic of orb activity that we consider is the coloration of the orb. True orbs are colored in the 'cool' end of the spectrum, namely white, blue, or green."


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