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Graduation Night in Hawaii

Both these photos were taken on the night of Graduation from Joy Gardner's Vibrational Healing Program. We were on the lanai, at the edge of Kealakekua Bay at the Point House, where we had been there for two weeks. It was a very high night.

Above is Brenda with the black cat who had become our mascot. The cat appears to be standing on a bright light, but there was no such light on the lanai. I took this picture.

Below -- what in the world is going on here? (Besides the fact that everybody's eyes are popping out of their heads!) Did Brenda take this picture? (I don't recall.)

There's an unbelievable lightning bolt on the left, above Cynthia's head (nothing like that was visible that night!). And a mad display of lights on the right (it was totally dark over the Bay in the background). There's a kind of white rainbow over Dell (he's in the middle) and a double image of him (but no one else). And there is a golden light on the table.

I enhanced the upper photo, to bring out the contrast, but the lower photo hasn't been altered in any way whatsover. Nor were we using drugs!



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