Coffee Enemas

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I saw the near-miraculous results that patients had at the Gerson Cancer Clinic in Mexico, where their pain medications were effectively replaced by coffee enemas, taken twice a day. I’ve coached several people who cured themselves of cancer with a combination of coffee enemas, juice fasting, visualizations, emotional release work and underlying cause work. I encourge clients to use coffee enemas for all chronic ailments, as well as for hangovers and headaches.

When caffeine is taken through the rectum, the bile ducts open, and more bile flows. When the coffee is retained for 15 minutes, the caffeine is absorbed through the hemorrhoidal veins into the liver. The increased flow of bile stimulates the liver to dump its accumulation of poisons, which causes the liver to function more effectively, eliminating toxins from the body and thereby reducing or eliminating pain.

Depending on the severity of the problem, a coffee enema may be taken once a month, once or twice a week, or even twice daily if you are dealing with a highly toxic condition such as cancer. But even then, begin by taking one every two or three days, and then gradually build up, observing how your body reacts and finding your own comfort zone.

  How to give yourself a coffee enema

1. You must be right next to the toilet, so do whatever is necessary to make your bathroom floor comfortable. You can fold a washable blanket (you probably won't need to wash it) in 3 or 4 sections, as a padding, and put it on the floor. Cover this with a towel or two or three (you may have to wash these because there might be some spillage from the enema bag or from yourself). Have another towel to cover yourself. Put down a pillow. If it's cool, set up a heater. Hang the enema bag, near where your buttocks will be, at 2-3 feet above the floor. You will be lying on your right side (the side where your liver is). You'll need a watch or a clock.

2.  Use a one-quart enema bag, which may be purchased in most drugstores or online. I prefer rubber over plastic; it's worth paying a litte more for the greater comfort and effeciency. They usually come with three nozzles, so they can be used interchangeably as a douche or enema bag or hot water bottle. The long nozzle with many holes is for douches (for vaginal cleansing). The short nozzle with one hole is for enemas. The bag will come with a cord and a clamp that can be adjusted to allow varying amounts of fluid to flow through the cord.

3.  Boil 2 cups of water and then add 3 heaping tablespoons of drip grind or regular (not instant, not freeze-dried, not artificial or treated in any way) coffee. Boil 3-5 minutes, then simmer 10-15 minutes. Strain. Add a little cold water (so the heat won’t break the jar), pour into a one-quart jar, cover, and then set aside in the bathroom. (It will still be less than half full.) If you are a small person, or extremely sensitive to coffee, you may want to use 3 level tablespoons. Once again, experiment to find your comfort zone.

4.  Begin by taking a plain water enema to cleanse the bowels, which will open space for the coffee to pass through. Make sure the clamp of the enema bag is within 10 inches of the nozzle. Close the clamp. Pour one quart of water into the enema bag. The temperature should be mildly warm to the touch, but not hot. Put the nozzle in the sink or tub and release the clamp for a moment, to release a little water, which expels the air.

5.  Use the toilet, then undress from the waist down. Lie on the towel on your right side, with your knees drawn up toward your chest, in a fetal position. Insert the nozzle into your anus. If this is difficult, bear down as if you were taking a bowel movement, which causes the anus to open. If necessary, apply some aloe vera gel or vaseline to the nozzle. When the nozzle has been inserted, cover yourself if you feel chilly. Inhale to the count of 7, and exhale to the count of 7. Continue doing this until your breath is deep and steady. Then contract your anus (as if you were restraining the urge to defecate), and reach back and slowly release the clamp. Begin with the clamp only half open, so that the water enters slowly.  Continue breathing steadily and deeply.  Allow the water to flow in slowly. When it feels like you've got as much as you can hold, then clamp the hose closed. You can relax your anus while you rest. Wait as long as necessary, until you feel you might be able to take some more.  Continue breathing deeply.  When and if you feel ready, repeat this process, until the whole bag has been emptied.  If you have difficulty holding a full quart, just take as much as you can comfortably hold. Retain the water for 5 minutes, or until you feel a strong impulse to defecate. Then get up and go to the toilet.

6. Add cold water to the jar of coffee, to bring it up to one full quart, and to adjust the temperature so it is warm, but not hot. Repeat Step 5 with the coffee, but this time attempt to hold it for 15 minutes after you have taken as much as you can hold. The length of time is more important than the amount you hold. When you’ve taken in as much as you can comfortably hold, close the clamp firmly and remove the nozzle slowly. There will probably be some leakage.

7. Now breathe deeply and relax for 15 minutes. At times, you may feel a strong desire to release the enema, but this can usually be resisted by deep breathing or by short, shallow panting. The urge should pass in less than a minute. Since the intestines are the seat of the emotions, you may find deep feelings being stirred up. This is good. Allow yourself to feel your feelings, and take this opportunity to release pent-up emotions in any way that feels appropriate. When 15 minutes have passed, get up and go to the toilet. There will probably be a quick expulsion from the bowel. Stay on the toilet about 5 minutes, breathing deeply, and kneading your abdomen, to help release the enema completely. You may expel a lot of gas. When you feel finished, you can get up, but you may feel a quick urge to use the bathroom again one or more times within the next hour or two, so stay close to a toilet.

You may feel exhilarated after an enema:  colors may appear brighter, and your senses may feel more attuned. Be aware of what you put into your body at this time:  avoid sugar, dairy products (except plain yogurt or kefir or goat's milk), meat, and drugs of any kind (unless required) for at least 24 hours. A fresh juice fast is well-suited to combine with an enema. Note: discontinue or use less coffee if you have stomach cramping or other undesirable side-effects. During and shortly after an enema, people tend to feel extremely vulnerable. Use this opportunity to lie quietly and allow yourself to get in touch with your feelings; to literally "get rid of your shit."


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