Fasting and

The Grape Cure

by Joy Gardner
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I like to fast—or at least eat an all-alkaline diet (just fruits and vegetables) —one day a week, and for three days, once a month.

Ideally, I like to do a serious cleanse once or twice a year.

Arise and Shine Cleanse

One of my favorite cleanses is the Arise and Shine Cleanse ( — this is the original site, and when you buy the product from them, you can consult with them while doing the cleanse). The Arise and Shine Cleanse is excellent for weight loss, because it effectively eliminates the intestinal plaque. This is the only way that I know to get rid of a fat belly. When this weight is lost, it will not return. Once it is gone, the intestines become much more efficient, less food is needed, and cravings diminish.

The Grape Cure

The following is a combination of information from The Grape Cure by Johanna Brandt in quotes and my own recommendations. This wouldn’t be a good diet for anyone plagued by yeast infections, because of the high sugar content in grapes. However, it is ideal for those who want to be able to work while they are cleansing, because the grape sugar gives you lots of energy.

I encourage you to find this inspiring little book ($4.95 new).

Here are the essential points.

“The grape is exceptionally rich in iron and is the finest natural tonic in the world. It also has a vital relation to the protein base of the protoplasm of the cell and is on that account considered a quick repairer of tissue waste. As a flesh and muscle- forming element it has no rival….
“Quite apart from its value as a solvent, it stands alone among the foods of nature as a builder….
“Taken without salt or sugar it relieves many complaints of the stomach, bowels and liver, because of the abundance of natural salts and acids it contains.
“The organic acids of the grapes are strongly antiseptic and their effect on the gums is perhaps more valuable than any other result of the diet. For it means preservation of the teeth, on which mankind is dependent, not alone for health but for beauty.”
“Salts of potash are found plentifully in grapes. And now we understand why the grape may be a specific cure for cancer, for there is said to be a marked deficiency of potash in the make-up of the average cancer patient.”
“There is nothing like the Grape Diet for purifying the blood from gouty and rheumatic poisons. The inorganic deposits that have settled between the joints are apparently dissolved and expelled in the form of diarrhea or as an unpleasant oily sweat. The loosening of which may be relieved by poultices or compresses of fresh grape juice.”
“One of the great and as yet unsolved problems of medical science is, how to establish in the diabetic, and the goiter patient the normal sugar content of the blood….I believe the Grape Diet is the quickest agent.
“The marvelously rapid action of the grape must be due to the fact that grape sugar is taken immediately into the circulation without undergoing any process of digestion. There is on that account no undue tax on the organs of digestion and assimilation and Mother Nature can turn her full attention to the task of destroying the disease.”
“The matchless grape is the supreme remedy for the craving for alcoholic liquors….Every member of the family who is addicted to vice, to the drug habit and to excessive use of tobacco, tea and coffee, should be persuaded to undergo a grape diet.”
“In Germany, the grape is called the Queen of Fruit, and there are many well-known sanitariums in Central Europe for the Grape Cure.”

The Most Magnetic Food

“Charged with the magnetism of the sun, this Queen of Fruits, more than any other, restores and revitalizes the depleted forces . . . . Every tendril is a living receiver of cosmic magnetism. Its many-pointed leaves, forming many triangles, absorb vital essences from the air.
“A perfect grape is circular in form and a bunch of grapes resembles a triangle.”

Preparation for The Cure

For three days, just eat fruits and vegetables. Drink as much fresh organic juice as you like. Have plenty of pure, cold water and (unless your bowels are moving freely after each meal) take an enema of a quart of lukewarm water daily with the strained juice of one medium-sized lemon. No meat, no dairy, no grains. On the third day, eliminate potatoes and sweet potatoes. On the fourth day, just drink plenty of water and refrain from eating all foods.

This clears the stomach so that it can tolerate the large amounts of grape more easily.

The Cure

On arising, drink 1-2 glasses of pure, cold water.

Wait 30 minutes.

Eat a meal of grapes (any color), preferably organic. Wash them well. Chew the skins thoroughly and swallow only a few of them as food and roughage. Do not chew nor swallow the seeds.
Begin with 1-3 ounces per meal, and increase, as desired, up to one half pound. A minimum of one pound should be used daily, but not more than three pounds. It is preferable to use smaller quantities, but those who are doing hard physical labor may need more.

Unsweetened, unfermented, bottled grape juice, preferably organic, may be used. Take one cup juice diluted with one cup pure cold water per meal. More juice and water may be used if desired. Hot water may be used instead of cold, which makes a pleasant drink before bed.

Unsulphured raisins, preferably organic, may also be used. One cup of raisins may be eaten dry. Or just cover the raisins with cold water for several hours, then eat both the raisins and the soaking water. If the soaked raisins are too sweet, a little lemon juice may be squeezed into them.

Eat the raisins separately from the grape juice, and drink the grape juice separately from the grapes. Have them at separate meals.

Enjoy a meal every two hours, for a total of seven meals daily (less is okay). With larger quantities of grapes, allow three hours between meals (smaller quantities are preferable).

Your bowels should moving freely after each meal. If this is not the case, then take a daily enema of a quart of lukewarm water with the strained juice of one medium-size lemon.

Continue this regimen from 1 week to 2 months, but no longer. Ideally, continue until you stop losing weight. If you do not have a chronic illness and you are just doing the cleanse for minor repairs, or for weight loss, or as preventive medicine, then fasting just on grapes need not exceed a week or two.

A loathing for grapes may indicate the presence of much poison in the system. Go back to fasting and drinking plenty of water. “Unless patients can eat the grapes with perfect enjoyment, they are better off without them.”

“It is not advisable to use medicines while on the grape diet.”

Probiotics are strongly recommended to restore intestinal bacteria. You can start with one per day, between meals. If there are digestive disturbances, including constipation, diarrhea, or excessive gas, take up to six per day. Try to find probiotics that have a significant amount of bifidus culture, which is more beneficial for adults than acidophilus cultures. One brand I use, which does not require refrigeration, is Jarrow Formulas Jarro-Dophilus EPS, available in many health food stores.

Side effects
“Loss of strength is due to the presence of poisons in the system.”

Constipation, Diarrhea, Gas
“Until the system has learned to utilize the grape it is advisable to be careful with the seeds and hulls. A normal digestion suffers no inconvenience when the whole grape is used, on the contrary, it is benefited by the valuable properties contained in the seeds and skins apart from the bulk and roughage they provide. But if you have been in the habit of discarding them, they may at first accumulate in the digestive tract and cause constipation. I therefore advise all who are experimenting with the Grape Diet for the first time to begin with the juice and pulp; later a few of the skins. Chew them all well in order to extract their essences, but swallow only a few until you are sure that your digestion is able to take care of them. The same applies to the seeds, but do not chew the seeds.”
“Distressing symptoms occur during the Grape Diet, through the poisons which have been stirred up by the action of the grape and thrown into the blood stream. These symptoms may be aggravated in cases in which there is very poor elimination. Sufficient stress cannot be laid upon the importance of keeping the bowels free by using enemas.” This may be done once or even twice a day.
“As laxatives are not advisable, a teaspoonful of olive oil occasionally is recommended. This should be taken just before the grape meal. In extreme cases, a small quantity of olive oil may be injected directly into the rectum by means of a hard rubber syringe. There are however, several herb laxatives which are effective and do not conflict with the grape treatment.” See also Probiotics, above.

Weight Loss
Note that the Grape Cure has been used effectively for the treatment and/or prevention of all kinds of chronic ailments.
“The patient loses weight to an extent that would be alarming if he did not understand the principle of the Cure. While on the first stage of Grape Diet, nothing should be administered to make him gain weight—no food of any kind except the grape. In advanced cases it is sometimes by reducing him to a virtual skeleton that the disease may be overcome. When in severe cases he has reached this point, when he was been brought almost to skin and bones, there is nothing left for the cancer to live on and it usually disappears spontaneously.”
“When the grape has purified the blood, the general condition of the patient steadily improves in spite of the presence of lumps, scars, or other of the injury done by the growth.
“In my own case, while the poisons of the cancer have been eliminated and the cancer has disappeared, physical examinations by medical men disclose that there are numerous adhesions as a result of the malignant growth. One doctor advances the opinion that it will take at least seven years for these adhesions to be broken up. It is useless, therefore, to continue the grape diet in the hope of completely eradicating the growth within a few weeks, or even a few months.”

Soreness of Mouth
“When the body has been cleansed of its poisons, the soreness disappears.”

Black and Irregular Feces
No cause for alarm. It is part of the cleansing process. “Grapes apparently dissolve the hardened mucus adhering to the walls of the stomach and intestines. In several cases, where the fecal matter was observed there was an accumulation of stringy, slimy mucus which looked like worms. Sometimes this occurred in long strings, sometimes in clumps resembling balls of string, or sometimes like black and green marbles.”

These may appear on various parts of the body, sometimes very marked, but they gradually disappear.

Acute Pain
Cheese-cloth wrung out of lukewarm water and folded several thicknesses may be placed over the affected part and covered with an ice bag. Renew the cloth frequently because toxins will come out through the pores. This can be used for hemorrhoids, acute liver attacks, gallstones, kidney stones, inflammation of throat, etc.

Chronic Pain
“When the patient is below par, depleted, or suffering from low blood pressure, the pain may be relieved by hot applications. Cheese-cloth wrung out of lukewarm water and folded several thicknesses may be placed over the affected part and covered with a hot water bottle. The moisture opens the pores and enables the impurities to come out. The cloth, therefore, should be kept very clean and renewed at intervals.

“Abnormal growths, cancers, tumors, ulcers, abcesses and fibrous masses seem to be dissolved by the powerful chemical agent in the grape. Diseased tissues and fatty degenerations, every form of morbid matter, is apparently broken up into minute particles and thrown into the blood steam to be carried to the organs of excretion. No wonder then that complications arise. To the inexperienced person it is disconcerting to find strange and new symptoms of disease developing under the Grape Cure. He needs someone with experience to explain to him that poisons which have been locked up in the system for many years have broken loose and are running riot in the blood. Hence that unusual rise of temperature, that eruption on the skin, those splitting headaches, those attacks of retching and purging, that discharge of mucus, those undue sweatings. The anxious mind of the patient should be set at rest by the assurance that all these are highly favorable symptoms of the process of purification being carried on internally….Nature is still able to cast out the poisons that have been dislodged by the magical action of the grape.”

Be sure to drink PLENTY OF PURE WATER.

Ending the Cure

This phase requires the greatest self-control. All the benefits of the Cure can be lost if this phase is neglected. Allow at least a week to continue very restricted eating while slowly reintroducing other foods.
Extreme care must be taken to avoid heavy foods.
Grapes still form the main food and are always taken as the first and last meals. For the first three days, introduce just one new fresh organic fruit per day. For example:

8 AM – Grapes
10 AM – Papaya
12 PM – Grapes
2 PM – Papaya
4 PM – Grapes
6 PM – Papaya
8 PM – Grapes

By the fourth day the midday meal (2 PM, for example) may consist of buttermilk, yogurt, cottage cheese, or rice or soymilk. Now several different fruits may be taken in the same day.

By the seventh day, “some patients crave for something savory. The sweet fruits begin to pall. There may even be a positive aversion to grapes, in which case they should be omitted altogether and other foods taken every three hours.  One or two sliced tomatoes with pure olive oil and a little lemon juice may safely be included in this diet.” Fresh organic vegetable juices are recommended. But never combine fruits and vegetables in one meal.

By the tenth day, begin as usual with cold water, and fruit for breakfast.
For lunch have a substantial salad of raw vegetables. Since these need longer to digest, you can return to three meals per day. At first, choose just two or three vegetables as a foundation for your salad and mix them with lemon juice and olive oil.

By the twelfth day you can add finely chopped nuts, grated cheese, yogurt, or a good homemade mayonnaise made of eggs, lemon juice and olive oil, or a finely-chopped hard boiled egg. Dinner (6 PM) may consist of sour milk or fruit, or ripe bananas mixed with yogurt.

The Diet
“Sufficient stress cannot be laid upon importance of the raw diet. If we could only educate the people to this fact it would help to eradicate disease.”
“The raw foods digest more easily than the cooked and pass through the system far more rapidly. The result is that they have no time to decompose in the alimentary canal. There is no undue fermentation and no fear of toxic poisoning.
“Therefore patients are strongly advised to abstain from every form of cooked food during the full period of treatment.”
As the cooked foods are the acid forming foods, no one who is troubled with acidity should have them.
“Raw fruits and vegetables never cause acidity—on the contrary, they neutralize the acids by which the system has been poisoned. The first results of a raw diet are often very distressing on that account. The patient seems to become hyperacid and this condition lasts until all the poisons have been worked out.
“When it is difficult to convince people that they derive more nourishment from uncooked foods, we reluctantly consent to the introduction of one cooked meal a day, but do not recommend it.”

In this case, three meals a day would look like this:

A fruit breakfast, one kind only, preferably local and in season. As much as you like. This supplies the body with cleansing and building materials, and plenty of strength and energy to work.

A cooked lunch. A dry meal. No soups, no liquids of any kinds. Ideally just steamed vegetables. Begin with one kind at a time. If the results are good, take two or three varieties at a meal. Do not use more than one kind of starch, since each kind requires different enzymes for digestion. Ideally, eliminate the starches altogether.
After another week, you may introduce broiled or steamed fish occasionally.
“Watch the effects of the cooked meal and with the first sign of discomfort, return to the raw diet.”

A salad supper, preferably taken before dark. (Digestion tends to close down after dark. Eating before dark, and eating one’s main meal midday is very helpful for losing weight.)

“Cooked foods take much longer time to digest than raw. No more food should be taken within five or six hours after the cooked meal. No strenuous work should be done and it is especially recommended to refrain from every form of brain work immediately following such a meal.
“Keep the cooked and uncooked foods apart.”
“In the process of digestion, Nature always disposes of the most digestible [raw] foods first….while the rest of the conglomeration will ferment.”

Weight loss
The Grape Cure is an excellent program for weight loss. But don’t get carried away. Just take off 5-15 pounds per cleanse, and then spend a couple of months working out and building up your muscles. Otherwise you’ll end up with a lot of saggy-looking skin that is very difficult to rebuild. Temporary protein deprivation can be beneficial, because the body will consume its own protein, beginning with any cells that are unhealthy. However, once the unhealthy cells have been consumed, the muscles will begin to be consumed. Therefore those who are very ill and have lots of unhealthy cells will benefit from a longer Grape Cure, but those who are relatively healthy should not extend the fast for more than a week or two.

External Growths and Sores
Just to illustrate how the grape works, I had a small pimple erupt on my chest during the Grape Cure. I chewed a green grape until the juice was mostly gone, and then I put the pulp directly over the pimple. Within ten minutes, the pus was entirely eaten out and (without any antiseptics) the sore was gone the next day.
Grape poultics is made by crushing grapes and spreading the mush between layers of cheese cloth or musin, and placing over the effected part, covering the whole with a dry cloth. You can leave this on for at least15 minutes.
Grape compress is made by dipping soft muslin or cheesecloth in grape juice, diluted with about two-thirds water. The purpose of the compress is to keep external cancers and other wounds open and soft so that the poisons can be easily expelled. This is important.



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