The Essene Tenets
Image by Kalalani

The Essene Tenets

  1. There is a single Source responsible for all that ever is and ever will be, and every single event, without exception, is a part of The One

2. There are no accidents. Each and every experience, without exception, is an opportunity to demonstrate Mastery in life (without judging that experience as good, bad, right or wrong).

3. Your life mirrors your quest to know yourself, in all ways. Those you love and trust take you to the very edge of who you believe you are, and that is you choosing to know yourself at a greater and greater level. We are many bodies choosing to live in this world in a single consciousness.

4. Life essence is eternal.

5. That same eternal nature may relate to your body. The Resurrection may become a reality. Your body and soul are the Holy Marriage that you agreed to long ago.

[from Greg Braden]