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Gallstone Remedy

by Joy Gardner
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Excerpt from The New Healing Yourself by Joy Gardner (currently out-of-print).

The gallbladder is a small saclike organ located below the liver, where bile is stored. Sometimes calculus in the gallbladder will form into stone-like masses. This is most common in overweight women and in men and women over the age of 35. If you have gallstones, you are probably suffering from severe gas pains and sharp pains under the right rib cage where the gallbladder is located. At first, these pains seem directly related to eating certain foods, especially fatty foods, but after a while it may seem like you can't eat anything without feeling pain.

Gallstones tend to occur when things or people or situations in your life are galling you. They are also associated with not getting enough pleasure in life.

Though gallstones are considered a very serious disease, curable only by the surgical removal of the gallbladder, it is one of th easiest ailments to cure naturally. I have known over a hundred people who have used this technique, many of whom were already scheduled for surgery--and I only know one case where surgery was still needed (and no harm was done by having used this remedy).

This wonderful remedy comes from a book called Herbal Cures of Duodenal Ulcer and Gall Stones by Frank Roberts. The complete kprogram takes about 24 hours., though there are rare cases that go on for longer. You will need 1 pint (2 cups) of pure olive oil and 4 or 5 medium-size lemons If fresh lemons are no available, use bottled lemon juice. Try to find a brand of olive oi that is reasonably palatable.

Before beginning the treatment do not eat any solid food after your midday meal. Wait until about 2 hours before your normal bedtime and then begin the treatment. I recommend timing it with a good television program or movie, to divert your attention from the difficult task at hand.

Every 15 minutes for the next 2 hours, drink 1/4 cup (4 tablespoons) of olive oil followed by 2 tablespoon of lemon juice. The lemon juice acts as a chaser, helping you to hold down the olive oil and making a better taste in your mouth The last dose or two is usually the most difficult to take, and it may help to mix the lemon juice with the olive oil and take them both at once. I recommend saving this tactic until the end, when you will really want to be doing something different.

It is essential that all of the olive oil be taken each time and that the entire pint should be taken on the same evening—even if vomiting occurs. The oil softens the stones and lubricates the ducts so that the stones will move easily through the ducts and come out in the feces. Stones that are surgically removed are hard and dry, like real stones. When the stones are first softened with olive oil, they become soft and smooth and move more easily through the ducts and the anal canal.

After taking the full dose, you can go directly to bed. You will probably sleep through the night, though you may wake up either to pass stool or to vomit. During the 24 to 48 hours after taking the remedy, people pass at least 50 and up to 150 green rubbery "stones" varying in size from a split pea to a ping-pong ball. The passing of large stones is sometimes accompanied by a feeling of nausea or faintness or pain, but this passes very quickly. Nevertheless, I recommend having someone present to give you support if you need it.

Frank Roberts says that in 20 years, he has never seen a case that has not cleared completely within 6 months (with all stones passed within the first 48 hours), provided that people took the full dosage. Some of these people had stones that were lodged in the gall duct prior to the treatment. I only know of one case that might be called unsuccessful, where a woman passed sand (it literally looked like sand) every day for 2 months, and she did feel considerably better, but she felt eager to be done with it and so she opted for surgery. Roberts says that he has seen 2 cases of bilirubin stones, which were red like strawberries.

Most people like to save at least the larger stones and many take pleasure in bringig them to their doctors. Since the stones usually float, the simplest way to do this is to get a pair of rubber gloves and a plastic spoon and fish then out of the toilet bowl. Rinse them and put them in a jar with a lid; the smell is not pleasant, After a couple of days, the stoes will liquefy into an oil liquid.

Do not plan to do anything during the day and night following your treatment because you will probably feel quite weak and may need to make frequent and sudden trips to the bathroom. However, after 24 to 48 hours, you will probably feel better than you have felt in a long time.

For the next month, take Dr. Christopher's Liver Gallbladder Formula, which can be ordered from to alleviate the inflammation of the gallbladder and gall duct. Take two caps with warm water before each meal for the next month. Ideally, take them 15-20 minutes before each meal.

Also take 1 capsule of lecithin before each meal. The lecithin will help to break down fats, and the herbs will soothe the inflammation and prevent gas. During this month, be careful to avoid fried, fatty, greasy, and spicy foods, as well as pastries and cakes. Minimize your use of oils of all kinds in order to give your gall bladder a rest. After one month, you can begin to gradually bring oils back into your diet, but it is just as well to avoid most of these foods if you want a healthy diet. Nevertheless, within six months, you should be able to eat normally without discomfort.




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