Life Between Lives

photo by Joy Gardner

Spiritual Regression Work
with Joy Gardner
on the Big Island of Hawaii

Imagine how different your life would be if you could remember WHY you came here. . .

If you could remember the decisions and choices you made before you took on your current body and mind . . .

If you could experience yourself as an Eternal Soul, completely independent of your current circumstances . . .

If you could meet again with your Spirit Guides, and receive their wise and loving counsel. . .

If you could meet again with The Wise Ones -- your personal Counsel of Elders -- and feel their incredible love for you . . .

If you could experience a joyful reunion with your beloved team -- your "best friends" and "soulmates" who have accompanied you throughout most of your lifetimes . . .

All of this is possible, and more. I can guide you gently into the time before you took on your current body and the circumstances of this lifetime.

This is a deeply profound journey. It has the power to completely transform your life. People say things like, "I know who I am now. I know why I'm here. I have no doubt that there is an afterlife. I feel so loved!"

Please call me at 808 345-5838 so that we can discuss whether the LBL journey would be appropriate for you. Spiritual dedication and the ability to visualize are a must. It helps if you have been meditating for at least a year or two. This is not something to do simply for "fun" or curiosity.

The Life Between Lives journey will take about four hours. It can be done in one long session, or two shorter sessions. You will be asked to do some preparations prior to the session. We can discuss this.

The fee for this work is $400. Please do not schedule any other activities for the rest of the day if you do the long session. Leave at least an hour or two if you do the shorter sessions, especially after the second session. You will need plenty of time to assimilate the experience. The sessions can be done in person or by phone.

Note: My work is based on the understandings I gained from Michael Newton's wonderful books, and from my own experiences while guiding Past Life Regression clients between the worlds. I am deeply indebted to Michael Newton for bringing this work to the public. I have used his work as a jumping-off point, developing it in my own unique way. I teach my own version of the LBL work as a part of the RMA Mystery School (see

Please insert the word "LBL"

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Or Call 808 345-5838

(8 am-8 pm Hawaii time; 10 am-10 pm PST; after 1 pm EST)



"My LBL experience was very grounding. I feel at peace with my life as never before. I especially remember the joy I felt when I met my spirit guides. Their expression of joy upon uniting with me lives in my heart. I understand the trials of this life in a completely different perspective. I no longer fear the future. My marriage has blossomed even more. I feel loved in a way that I did not think possible. My Reiki practice is growing. Who knew that I would be blossoming at this age of 62 years!"

--Liz Kregloe, Blacksburg, VA  


image by Kalalani

Your Session --
What to Expect

Once we agree on an appointment time, I will send you an email asking you to send me a list of the most important people in your life, along with a few words describing their personality and their relationship to you. This is just a Cast of Characters, to help me navigate through your various experiences, even if I haven't met you before and am not familiar with the major players in your life.

I'll ask about your favorite kinds of places (mountains, ocean, woods, desert), and some of your favorite flowers, trees, stones, colors and aromas. I'll use this information to create a pleasing ambiance for your journey, with colored light and aromatherapy. This information will also help me to weave pleasing visualizations for you, during your long, deep hypnotic induction.

I will encourage you to bring a few of your favorite pieces of jewelry, crystals and sacred objects, to keep near you while you journey. If you wish, you can bring a mask for your eyes, or I can provide one. If you have a recording device, I will be glad to use it for you. Or I can use my digital Zoom recorder, which has excellent sound quality, even if you're whispering (which often happens). Later I can send you the full session via internet, but there is an additional $20 charge for this, because I have to record in half-hour increments (I can't send larger files over the internet) and I have to transfer the files from the recorder. All of this takes me about an hour.

When you arrive (so far, I am only doing this work in person, and not by phone), we will take time to get to know one another. If you wish to arrive with a Significant Other, we can stop to say hello briefly, and then you should arrange to be dropped off and then picked up at an approximate time, which would be confirmed via cellphone.

When we both feel relaxed, I will ask you to lie down (fully clothed -- be sure to wear comfortable clothing that is not constrictive). I will guide you through a long, pleasant relaxation and visualization process. When you are completely and totally relaxed, I will take you through a present-life regression, starting with your current age and going in 5 to 10 year increments, through your current lifetime, remembering only short, pleasant memories, all the way down to your earliest memories and into your mother's womb.

While you are in the womb, I will ask specific questions about your experience there, and the choices you made prior to coming there. From the womb, you will shoot out through a tunnel and emerge into your most recent past lifetime. I will guide you through the major events of that lifetime until we come close to your death. At that point, if we are doing two separate sessions, we will end the first session.

The second session--or the continuation of the long session--begins as you approach your death in your most recent past life. If it was painful, you can watch it from a distance. Once you pass through your death, I can guide you into the realm between lives.

At this point I must ask you to let go of any preconceived ideas, even if you have read Michael Newton's books and already have an idea of what might occur. In my experience, especially with more evolved souls, anything is possible. Please do not expect to follow a script.

You might experience encountering your Spirit Guide(s). You may find yourself with your Council of Elders or Wise Ones. You may feel bathed in overwhelming Love, and flooded with magnificent White Light. Your Guides may help you to review your current lifetime, and to understand why you chose the challenges and the body and the friends and partner(s) that you chose. You may have glimpses into previous lifetimes, so that you can see the continuity of yourself as a Soul, apart from your current body. You may experience joining with your Soul Family and your Soulmate, whom you will probably recognize with great joy.

When you feel complete, I will bring you back. You will have time to rest. Then, if you wish, we can talk about what you experienced. Over the next few days, you are welcome to contact me if you want to talk more about your experience.

This work is sacred. I feel deeply blessed to be able to share it. It is a great privilege to accompany people on this profound journey. I look forward to sharing it with you.

image by Kalalani

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