Color Lamp, Filters & Book


Color Lamp (Vitalight)

A simple lamp that takes plastic gels is carried by Vitagem Enterprises for $99. It comes complete with 5 colored gels that can be combined to create the 12 basic colors. These gels are adequate for the casual user. The lamp also comes with a 90 watt halogen bulb.

Color Filters (Gels)

Darius Dinshah recommends Roscolene Filters, which can be ordered from Samarco Inc., P.O. Box 153008, Dallas, TX 75315-3008, phone 214-421-0757. These colors are much richer than the ones that come with the lamp. There are 26 gels, many of which are pre-assembled and labelled, with the exact Dinshah colors. When you contact Samarco, tell them you want the colors that Dinshah recommends. Pre-assembled filter sets are available in 6-1/2 by 6-1/2 inches or 8 by 10 inches. If you are using the lamp from Vita-Gem, you will need the 8 by 10 size, and you will have to cut them down to 6-1/2 by 7-3/4. They sell for about $40.

Color Healing Book

I believe that the best book on color healing is Let There Be Light, Seventh Edition, by Darius Dinshah. He gives precise instructions for how to treat 331 specific physical ailments. I consider this book indispensible for color healing.

How to Use the Book:

When you receive this book, you may want to read it from cover-to-cover, but if you want to be able to start right away, I'd suggested that you put tabs on four pages:

page 14-15 - This shows the 12 different colors and their combinations. It also gives the areas of the body to be treated. This is followed by Definitions of Terms that you should read.

page 37-38 - These Attributes explain WHY each color is used.

page 44-60 - This is a list of 331 diseases and symptoms.

page 51-93 - The Disorders

Begin by looking up (on page 44-60) the name of the disease or symptom (for example, Athlete's Foot). The number to the left of the disease or symptom (186) is NOT the page number. This is the Disorder Number (Athlete's Foot, #186, can be found on page 72, along with other Skin Diseases).

Now it gives several possible treatments (according to letters a, b, c). In this case, they are divided between moist skin diseases and dry or scaly types. Let's say this is dry or scaly. c. is "Lemon 22 systemic to include affected area, and"
This means to use Lemon (page 14 explains that Lemon combines Yellow and Green)
for reason #22 [See page 38]
and to use it systemically [See Definition on page 16] to include affected area. So in this case I would set the lamp up at the feet and aim it toward the head, to include as much of the rest of the body as possible. I would do this for about 45 minutes (a tonation normally lasts an hour) and then do the following for 15 minutes:
"d. Orange 15 on affected area until area erupts and exudes freely, then
"e. Continue as listed for weeping types (a. and b.)"
This means to use Orange
for reason #15 [See page 38]
on the feet, until they exude (this could happen in one treatment, or it could take days). Then switch to a and b.
"a. Turquoise 33-35 systemic to include affected area until signs of drying appear, then also tonate:
"b. Indigo 44 on affected area."
Now you can stop doing Lemon and Orange, and switch to Turquoise systemic [from the feet up] for an hour. Once drying appears, you can do 30 minutes of Turquoise systemic and 30 minutes of Indigo just at the feet. And finally, there is a note concerning diet and other factors.


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