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As you enter into the RMA Mystery School, you will find yourself in a Divine School of Light Workers. Some of you are—or desire to be—energy workers, and all of you understand the dictum, “Physician, heal thyself.” That is your first mission and you are committed to the long and exciting process of healing yourself on every level. You understand that, as a Vibrational Energy Coach, your body is your instrument, and the vibrations that you give off will either heal or harm your clients, family and friends.

Another dictum is, “Know thyself,” and you are likewise committed to the fulfillment of that mission. Over the next year, your journey will take you through numerous venues of self-discovery. You will shed a great deal of what you are not, in order to discover the kernel, the essence of who you are.

The integration of Body Mind and Spirit in the higher realms occurs through understanding how to Rejuvenate the Body, how to use the Mind to Manifest the Reality you desire, and how to direct your Spiritual Path toward Ascension. In the RMA Mystery School, all three levels work hand-in-hand, in an exquisite melding with the elements of Vibrational Healing, including a deep understanding of Chakra Diagnosis, the Underlying Cause of Dis-ease, and the use of the Vibratory Tools of Light, Color, Sound, Crystals and Aromatherapy.

You will learn to use EFT tapping. Emotional Freedom Technique, a form of Energy Psychology that unites the emotional body and the physical body through the acupuncture meridians, in order to short-circuit habitual patterns, PTSD and pain.

You will learn Ho’oponopono—an ancient Hawaiian form of resolving conflict and making things right, through loving forgiveness.

You will learn to harmonize your subconscious and conscious minds. You will learn to care for the precious gift of the body and soul you have been given. The mind is indeed a part of the experience, so you will have the opportunity to study the work of Bruce Lipton and the new biology of epigenetics that is responsive to vibrational signals. You will be exposed to quantum physics, as a way of understanding energy medicine, so that you can explain it to others from a perspective that is grounded in science as well as empirical experience.

You will travel inside your body to discover the root causes of dis-ease and imbalance. By daring to delve deeply into your body mind spirit and emotions, you will encounter your own demons: your own grief, your own unresolved past.

"The Grief and Loss segment opened up boxed-in tensions and fears and began to crack the cocoon of imprisonment, starting the process of healing and growing.” (Koji Mitoma, Aptos, CA)

You will meet your Spirit Guides. You will travel out-of-body and into past lives. Since this work sometimes attracts earthbound spirits, you will learn how to communicate with them and how to direct them into the Light.

The crowning glory of the Vibrational Healing Certification Program occurs during your two weeks in Hawaii, when you will experience the Vibrational Alignment process, which combines all of the above with Chakra Diagnosis; feeling the spin of energy at each of the chakras, and balancing that energy through the use of the vibratory tools: light, color, sound, crystals and aromatherapy. Thus you find yourself coming back to Center, back to your own connection with the Divine.

You may to choose to become a Certified Vibrational Energy Coach as you perform a requisite number of each of the modalities that you learn, and return Client Feedback Forms for each of them. When you complete the Certification process, then you will be listed as a Practitioner on this website.

The books and videos are simply a jumping-off point, taking you deeper into your own internal revelations, acting as catalysts, providing a shared body of knowledge, so that the mind can participate and hold its own, to support the emotional body, the intuition, and your interconnectedness with the universe, as you shed the layers of the onion and unfold the chrysalis of imaginal cells at the core of your eternal soul.

"I can't believe how much my life has changed for the better since I chose to study with you. I am happier and healthier then ever before. I have made a choice to heal at all levels and it has impacted every aspect of my life. I am more aware, understanding and compassionate overall, and I allow my true self to be seen by the external world.” -- D.E.C., Pennsylvania

“I never thought that I could experience this sense of oneness with myself. I love this program! I have retrieved my soul because of it. For the first time in my life, I finally feel like I belong here. I feel complete, grounded, calm, at peace. I feel comfortable in my own skin. ” -- Cindy Le Baron, Ontario, Canada

“VibrationaI Alignment is a most beautiful tool for balancing the overall energy and supporting the emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. It integrates the use of crystals, aromatherapy and voice with being always present and giving full attention to the healing process while asking questions and listening to the client’s response. I was pleasantly surprised by what a wonderful system this is—it has many aspects and whatever is needed for a specific client is in this tool bag.” --Brigitta Reybold, Light-Channel Therapist, British Columbia, Canada

The Mystery School is a three-year program—it's not something that happens quickly. In the first year, students meet four times a month except for holidays, during the second year they meet three times a month, and in the third year they meet twice a month.




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Please note: though we do discuss such huge metaphysical/religious concepts as "What is God?" and "What is evil?" there is no pressure upon participants to agree with my belief systems. Rather it is an opportunity to explore how we view the Universe and possibly to tweak those perspectives.

Also note: I used to avoid the word God because I know that some people, who have had fundamentalist religious upbringings, are triggered by that word. While I still have great respect for that perspective, and I certainly don't require anyone else to use the word God, I have become aware of the high frequency of the word and I no longer want to restrict it from my vocabulary.


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