Phase 2 Staff Bios &

Workshop Descriptions

During Phase 2, instructors who are proficient in their respective areas of expertise, will deepen your understanding of the basic tools and skills that you learned in Phase 1. Your group will meet with one of these instructors once a month. Some of these instructors are graduates of RMA.

Vibrational Healing through Expressive Arts

When working with children, and particularly those who have Special Needs, the Expressive Arts— including movement, sound, music and color—can be a good way to establish rapport. This form of nonverbal communication helps autistic and other children to open up and become willing to share themselves. In this class, Dr. Stephanie will share methods to open connection with the subconscious and instinctive mind (Guidance), in a session that will bring out the Inner Child in you.

with Dr. Stephanie Cabala Olazabal

Dr. Stephanie is a Medical Doctor (MD) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) who specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Lima, Peru. She is a warm-hearted woman who loves to work with children, and especially with autistic children. She strives to complement the scientific, business and labor world with her Certifications in RMA Mystery School (Class of 2014), Moon Healing, Bach Flower Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy and studies in Mindfulness, Quantum Medicine and Shamanism. She also practices as a natural channel of Angelic, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and Higher Self wisdom. “As a Physician, my objectives are to solve the needs of my patients in a holistic way, through strategic and timely interventions. As a Healer, my Goal is to help people to connect to their Higher Self in order to find their Life Purpose and heal themselves.”

Developing Your Intuition and Tuning In To Plants
(2 sessions) 

An exploration of subtle energies and safe ways to explore and develop your intuitive mind, including use of the pendulum, and drawing with your left hand. We will also explore interaction with the living energies around us by learnng how to ask quesitons and receive answers from simple everyday things around us, such as words printed on anything from T-shirts to trucks—seeing the proound manifest in the mundane. We will also be tuning in to the consciousness of plants, working with specific plants during class. 


The Western Mystery Tradition and

The Laws of Manifestation 

When Eastern Spiritual traditions first started coming to the West during 60’s and 70’s, they taught about renouncing the world, closing down the lower chakras and taking vows of celibacy. But in the Western Mystery Tradition, we are concerned with mastering manifestation, and realizing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Indeed our challenges are largely concerned with improving our lives, our incomes, our homes, our relationships, and fulfilling our creative potential. This workshop explores how to connect with your true source of inspiration, and then bring this energy into manifestation right here, in your daily life. We will take the Magical life path that will enable you to work with the natural forces and the underlying structures that shape your life, as surely as the river bed shapes the river. We will use these skills for the benefit and enhancement of ourselves, those around us, and the planet as a whole.  

with David Eastoe

David lives in Castle Cary—near Glastonbury, England. David began his conscious Spiritual Journey at age 15 and was with Tibetan Lamas in Europe in 1974, later going on to study Western Mystery Tradition with Douglas and Nina Ashby in London UK. In 1993 he founded Petaltone Essences (, a UK based company that works with plant essences, including Aura Protection. David is also a qualified Sound Therapist whose work has been featured on BBC radio, RTE, West Country TV. He has taught in the UK, USA, Europe and Japan.

Virtual Vision (Canada) interview:

Lloyd Burrel (Europe) interview

Homeopathy for Self Care & Basic First Aid (2 sessions)

The first session will be an introduction to basic homeopathy, with an explanation of
• how remedies are made
• how doses are determined
• how to apply homeopathic principles for self-care and first aid.

The second session will go further, with
• descriptions of specific remedies
• helpful homeopathic remedy tips for Light Workers
• the use of homeopathic color and sound remedies.

with Yan Yamamoto Ouadfel

Yan (Diane) is the owner of Yan’s Rainbow Essence in Altadena, CA. Trained as a pharmacist, Yan began taking a special interest in the study of medicinal plants. She is a certified graduate of Katrina Raphaell’s Crystal Academy and Joy Gardner’s Vibrational Healing Certification Program. Yan is currently completing her Homeopathic Practitioner Program from the American Medical College of Homeopathy at PIHMA, in Phoenix, AZ, She also studies with homeopaths Ambika Wauters and Vonette Thorner of Life Energy Medicine, and studies Iridology with Brenda Generali. She practices Qi Gong and Qi Gong Sound Healing, with Master Mingtong Gu. She is a Libra.


Food as Medicine and Barefoot Doctoring (2 sessions) 

“I am passionate about sharing simple, natural, health-enhancing techniques that can easily become part of your daily life, focusing on the essential understandings of how we create health and the root cause of all disease. I’ll be touching on a variety of topics: Nutrition - Herbs - Essential Oils - Body Therapies, which will all play into our discussion as ways to communicate and inform our bodies, to create good health.”

* Barefoot Doctoring is not a profession, degree, license or certification. It is the urge to care itself, to help life flourish in the personal, community and planetary dimensions. A Barefoot Doctor first influences their own health and then the health of those they touch. If they are truly wise, this touch is like a green thumb, offering the way to thrive." —Jim Berg, MD  


with Angela Rosa, RN
Angela lives part-time in San Miguel D'Allende, Mexico, and the rest of the time she travels wherever she wants to go . “As a health educator, RN, coach and Barefoot Doctor, with over 45 years’ experience, I have dedicated my life to the distillation and practice of time-honored and current health practices - the essentials of creating health. I have garnered information based on study, training, research and experience to empower myself and those motivated to take charge of their own health.”



Psychic Tools &
Methods for Enhancing

Visualization & Protection (2 sessions)

I will be sharng some of the techniques that I've learned through Inner Guidance and through the books of Dolores Cannon and Doreen Virtue. We will be working with:

• Angels & Archangels
• Basic Numerology
• Cloud visualization & Rose Visualization
• Happiness & Other Archetype Guides (Healer, Joy, Teacher, etc)
• The Place of Healing
• Psychic Protection & Psychic Armoring



with Maximilian Webster
Maximilian works with children with learning disabilities and he enjoys using his Reiki skills, especially for animals. He has been a student of the RMA Mystery School since Feb. of 2015.


3 Keys to Creating A Thriving Career in Healing  


This workshop will support you in:
• Honoring and exploring your special gift
• Boosting your confidence
• Building your healer's business from a foundation of personal thriving.

You will have the opportunity to
• Explore your beliefs around money and success
• Open your voice to connect to your unique essence

This will allow you to be truly authentic in marketing, formatting and packaging your program. Expect to leave this class with a positive action step that will move you forward on your Healer’s Path.

with Zoey Wren
Zoey Wren is a Life Purpose Coach and Master Energy Healer who mentors healer-preneurs to start or expand their healing businesses. Her 6-Step transformational program, Courage to Thrive, helps healers find their voice and give their gifts fully as they move from doubt, overwhelm or exhaustion to confidence, creativity and sustainability. She graduated from Joy’s Vibrational Healing Program in 2007. Zoey is the founder of Women’s HeartSong Sacred Singing Circle. She writes and performs her original music and has produced 3 CDs.

For more information and to hear samples of her music:


Animal Awareness


During this in-person workshop on the Big Island of Hawaii, Fabi Vichek will share her deep love, respect, and knowledge of these equine creatures with us. You will have the opportunity to touch her horses, to walk with them, to begin to understand them, and also, if you wish, to ride them and learn about conscious horsemanship. We will spend several hours at the gorgeous Mahalo Aina Sanctuary, which has sweeping 180 degree views of the ocean.

with Fabi Vichek

Fabi is a Horse Whisperess who is sweetly attuned to the horse and animal kingdoms. She and her husband, Steven, run the Mahalo Aina Sanctuary, which provides a therapeutic, restorative retreat center for various individuals seeking to explore Transformation in Body, Mind and Spirit, sustainable living, and authentic community building. 



Holotropic Breathwork & Qigong

Holotropic Breathwork - A process of powerful breathing with evocative music that can take us to altered states of consciousness where deep healing can take place. 

Qigong - Ancient Chinese system of mastering energy. An inner martial art and a powerful healing modality. 


Inner Critic Work, "Who Am I?" & Mandala Drawing  

Inner Critic Work - How to recognize and dismantle the inner critic and judge—the inner voice that represses our vitality, aliveness, and capacity to live from our Truth.
Who Am I? - Exploration of the difference between identifying with our Essence or True Nature as compared to identifying with our story and conditioning.
Mandala Drawing - A way of non-verbal integration. No art experience necessary.

EMDR - (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)

This is a process that accesses and reprocesses unconscious material stored in the brain that has not been integrated, which causes distortions and obscurations of your reality. EMDR enables a pure, direct, nonintellectual, nonverbal experience of Essence.


with Carolyn Mondress
During the last two weeks in June, students will meet on the Big Island. During this time, three days will be spent at Starseed Ranch, where we will be working with Carolyn Mondress. Carolyn lives at Starseed. She is an expert in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and a former teacher at the Institute of Self-Recognition. She has a Masters Degree in Fine Art and she owned a successful silkscreen business. She presently has a private counseling practice at Starseed Retreat Center, where she works with individuals and groups. She also works at the Exclusive Hawaii Addiction and Recovery Center. At the age of 83, she truly embodies the Wise Woman. “My main focus is supporting people in shifting their identification from their story (conditioning, negative belief systems and false personality) to identifying with their Essence or True Nature.”  

The Vagus Nerve and The Social Engagement System

Judith Johnson gives us an opportunity to learn about the nervous system (especially the cranial nerves) and the emotional body, and how they interact. Her passion is to work with the body, emotions and mind through body-oriented psychotherapy. The vagus nerve is central to her work, which is intimately involved in stress, trauma and PTSD. Through particular holding points at the base of the skull, the practitioner can unwind the sensations in the nervous system that are trapped in various organs, glands and muscles. By putting the person in parasympathetic and hooking up with the pathways in the vagus system, this allows the client to become incredibly relaxed, so they can access their underlying belief system and unwind severe trauma

with Judith Johnson

Judith studied Transactional Analysis, Gestalt therapies, and body-oriented psychotherapies such as neo-Reichian and Radix. After years of training, Judith still was in search of a breakthrough therapy that would integrate the body, emotions, and mind. Her further training in Body Electronics with John Ray and her study of Somatic Experiencing with Peter Levine, gave her the context for the development of Psychoneuroenergetics (PNE). Judith is currently offering PsychoNeuroEnergetics practitioner training programs and Regenerative Living retreats in the U.S. and Europe.






















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