Program for the 2016-17
RMA Mystery School

Rejuvenation • Manifestation • Ascension
& Vibrational Healing Certification Program

PHASE 1 (First Year)

Schedule of Classes

Note: the exact order and topics of the classes are subject to change.

1 – Introductions

Brenee Brown – Vulnerability
Safety and Confidentiality
Creating Sacred Space
White Light Invocation

2 – Ho’oponopono [Link]

Zero Limits by Joe Vitale & I. Hew Len
Putting God/Oneness First
Choosing a Sacred Book
Establishing a Daily Spiritual Practice

3 - Listening Skills

Hospice Training
RMA Vision Statement & Philosophy
Outline of Program
Vibrational Healing Certification
Client Feedback Forms

4 & 5 - Cast of Characters [Link]

6 – The Secret – The Movie

7 & 8 - Cord Cutting

Ritual for Ending a Relationship

9-12 - Trance Induction &
Making a Manifestation CD

Manifestation Stories – yours & mine
Creating your own reality
Intender’s Circle for Manifestation
The Power Walk (Tony Robbins)

13 - Fasting • Holy Days

The Essene Gospel of Peace
Internal Cleansing

14 - Creating a Healthy Body

Importance of Food
Alkaline Fasting
Daily exercise

15 - Understanding the Chakras

What Makes the Chakras Open and Close?
The Endocrine Glands

16 - Color Healing

Dinshaw: Let There Be Light
Cold Laser Therapy:
Erasing Cellular Memory and Alleviating Pain

17 - EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

18-21 - Core Belief Reprogramming [link]

22 - Thrive— The Movie Crop Circles

23 – Epigenetics

Bruce Lipton: The Biology of Belief

24-27 - Spiritual Journeys [Link]

Walking your Life Path
Finding your Spirit Guides

28 - Sacred Sexuality

Microcosmic orbit
Raising the Energy
Spooning the Chakras

29-32 - Past Life Regression [Link]

33 – Breatharianism & Physics

Video: In the Beginning There Was Light
Greeting the Light

34 – Physics & Sacred Geometry

Naasim Haramein--
Video: Sacred Geometry and Unified Fields
Importance of The Torus

35 - 36 – Ascension

Who are the Ascended Masters?
Discussing the Sacred Books
Ascension Visualizations
Joanna Cherry

37 - 39 - Cellular Consciousness [Link]

40-42 - Progressed Cellular Consciousness [Link]

43-46 - Life Between Lives [Link]

Michael Newton


47 - Color, Crystals, Aromatherapy & Toning – [Link] – 2 Days

Balancing the Chakras
Crystal Layouts
Note: This Workshop is also available in DVD format. Students are advised to watch the DVDs at the beginning of the Program, and then to attend the workshop in Hawaii.

48 - Emotional Release - [Link] - (2 days)

49 - Releasing Earthbound Spirits [Link] – (2 days)

Releasing Curses

50 - Vibrational Alignment [Link] &
Graduation Ceremony (3 days)

Chakra Diagnosis
Vibrational Alignment


Following the two weeks in Hawaii, and after resting for two weeks, we will continue to meet for 1 month, to stay connected with the group and to help integrate all that has been learned.

51-54 – Re-Entry  




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Introduction to RMA

Calendar & Fees

Recommended Reading, Listening & Viewing List

What Will I Learn?

RMA Blog

If you're interested in the Program, the first step is to send in the Questionnaire, then we can arrange to talk by Skype or phone.


Please note: though we do discuss such huge metaphysical/religious concepts as "What is God?" and "What is evil?" there is no pressure upon participants to agree with my belief systems. Rather it is an opportunity to explore how we view the Universe and possibly to tweak those perspectives.

Also note: I used to avoid the word God because I know that some people, who have had fundamentalist religious upbringings, are triggered by that word. While I still have great respect for that perspective, and I certainly don't require anyone else to use the word God, I have become aware of the high frequency of the word and I no longer want to restrict it from my vocabulary.


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