for Joy Gardner's
Vibrational Energy Coach Certification Program


Certification is optional. Those students enrolled in the RMA Mystery School who choose to become Certified will receive a beautiful Certificate of Graduation, indicating that the following requirements have been met.

• Completion of all workshops, within at most a two-year period, unless you receive special exceptions (for example, you have had prior training in Past Life Regression Therapy) or a special extension from Joy.

• Receive one Vibrational Alignment from Joy or one of her Certified Vibrational Healing Practitioners (at your expense, if separate from the Vibrational Healing workshop).

• Submission of Client Feedback Forms for the following, within 6 months after graduation (parentheses indicate the workshops in which these modalities are taught):

2 Crystal Layouts ( Crystals and Aromatherapy--Balancing the Chakras)
1 Hypnotic CD (Making a Hypnotic CD)
2 Spiritual Journeys (Spiritual Journeys)
1 Cellular Consciousness Session (Cellular Consciousness)

1 Progressed Cellular Consciousness Session (Progressed Cellular Consciousness)
2 Core Belief Sessions (Core Belief Re-Programming)
2 Past Life Regressions (Past Life Regressions)

1 Life Between Lifes (Life Between LIves) (optional but encouraged)
3 Vibrational Alignments
- including giving one to Joy, or to one of her Certified Practitioners.

Approval by Joy Gardner, which may involve repeating certain workshops.

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