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"When groups of people gather together and align with a Higher Consciousness, then a great power is available. This group, however small, has access to Divine forces, and can have a great influence on planetary energies."

— Joy Gardner-Gordon, Our Earth Journey, a journal notebook

Over the past 28 years, thousands of people throughout the world have been transformed by Joy Gardner's healing workshops. One of Joy's greatest gifts is to recognize your talents and to support you in following your own life path.

You may attend these workshops to become a healer, or to enhance the tools you already have, or simply for your own healing and spiritual evolution. You will be encouraged to listen to your own Inner Voice. Through techniques such as Core Belief Work and Spiritual Journeys, you will eliminate all voices that are not your own. Once you establish a profound connection with your Inner Guidance you will become an effective healer for yourself and others.

In 2014 the Vibrational Healing Certification Program merged with the RMA Mystery School, into a longer and more complete program that places emphasis upon your personal connection with All That Is, with an understanding that your skills as a healer or musician or whatever area you choose, will be vastly enhanced when you fully embrace your connection with God, in communion with your own I AM Presence. The Vibrational Healing Program is no longer being taught separately.

The 2016-17 Vibrational Healing Program begins its 28th year in July of 2016. Please follow the link and read about this new program. Most of these are Teleconference Workshops. All you need is a computer or an iPad, and you can join with participants all over the world (no more than 12 students per class).

Two women share a holistic healing process during a Vibrational Healing Workshop on the beach in Hawaii

"I can't believe how much my life has changed for the better since I chose to study with you. I am happier and healthier then ever before. I have made a choice to heal at all levels and it has impacted every aspect of my life. I am more aware, understanding and compassionate overall, and I allow my true self to be seen by the external world. I see my authentic self in the mirror (most days)! That is the power of what you offer."

What Is Vibrational Healing?

Every aspect of the body, mind and spirit has a distinct frequency that can be measured and altered. Each has a range of frequencies that are healthy and those that are unhealthy. The body and soul are made up of frequencies that form a harmonic whole when a person is in balance. When the frequencies fall out-of-tune due to stress and tension, this tends to result in disease. Vibrational Medicine (also known as Vibrational Healing) is the art and science of consciously bringing those vibrational frequencies back into harmonic alignment through the use of vibratory tools, including light, color, sound, crystals and aromatherapy. Once harmony is restored, the dis-ease tends to lose its grip and often falls away. Vibrational Healing uses subtle energy work to alleviate the underlying problems. On the other hand, when just the symptoms are eliminated, we lose a profound opportunity to make real change in our lives.

In Joy's unique method of Vibrational Alignment™, the practitioner uses the vibratory tools while guiding the client to explore the underlying cause of their imbalance through intuitive counseling, emotional release, spiritual journeys, past life regressions, meditation, visualization, and releasing earthbound spirits (depossession). This holistic approach to energy healing brings coherency to the human energy field (the aura).

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Message from Joy

About the Vibrational Healing Certification Program

In the vanguard of energy healing methods, Joy Gardner's Vibrational Healing Certification Program is ideally suited for those who want to learn through experience, by studying with a leading-edge practitioner and innovator of this new technology. The Certification Program challenges the student toward self-transformation, to become the pure instrument through which healing energies pass.

“My expectations were met and exceeded. It’s a very broad program and covers lots of ground. I didn’t expect the deep healing that happened within myself. I would absolutely recommend this program to others, but only to those who are really serious about removing their own core issues. The program covers extensive levels and is geared to very deep work. This was definitely not a superficial class!”

In 2015-16 the Program will be presented in this format:

• In guiding students through the process of Manifestation, Rejuvenation and Ascension, I will make use of all of the Vibrational Healing tools, so all of the previous workshops will be taught, but the order will change, and length of the whole Program will be doubled.
• I am committed to following my own Guidance, in the moment, about how and when to present the material, so I will not know far in advance the exact dates of each workshop.
• Workshops are held on Sundays and Wednesdays from 8-10 EST. Participants are encouraged to attend all of the workshops (though they are recorded, and you can miss up to one per month if absolutely necessary) because your attendance is essential in the process of creating a Group Mind. You can choose to attend on either Sunday or Wednesday, according to your own schedule.
• One workshop (Crystals & Aromatherapy) is taught through nine hours of DVDs.
• The last five workshops will be taught in person, on the Big Island.

You are welcome to take just the teleconference workshops without coming to Hawaii, but then you won't have the option of becoming fully Certified. However, partial Certificates are available to those who complete all of the teleconference workshops and the Crystals and Aromatherapy DVDs and who receive a Vibrational Alignment from Joy (in person or by phone).

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Who would be interested in this program?

Two kinds of people come to the program.

1) Those who want to use the vibratory tools and the modalities for discovering the underlying cause of dis-ease for their own health, and perhaps for their friends and family. These people may already know something about crystals or aromatherapy, for example, but they want to learn more. They may be keenly interested in metaphysics and holistic health, and they want more hands-on experience.

"All the separate parts of my being finally met for the first time in complete communication. Made peace and found love.
I am complete,a new being, whole, strong and free."

2) Those who want to become Certified. They may be health care professionals, including doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, dentists, nurses, and therapists, including Reiki practitioners, Touch for Health Practitioners, masseuses, acupuncturists—people who are looking for tools to enhance their practice and expand their repertory.

"Joy is on the cutting edge of a new and fascinating technology, the technology of the body's vibratory system. Joy is a gifted teacher. Her techniques of toning and crystal healing have helped me add a new dimension to my own healing work." 

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Do you combine beginners and professional healers in the same workshops?

It’s required for everyone to read the same material prior to the class, especially my book, Vibrational Healing through the Chakras. This establishes a shared body of knowledge, so that individuals with widely varying degrees of experience can learn side-by-side.

Recommended Reading, Listening & Viewing List

How Do I Begin?

If you are interested in the Program, please fill out this Questionnaire, so I can get to know you. You will be contacted shortly thereafter to schedule a Skype interview with me. This does not constitute a commitment of any kind. If we both agree that you would be a good match for the Program, $100 will register you and pay for the February classes. All of the classes are recorded, so if you come into the program late, you will be expected to pay for the classes you missed and to audit the recordings. If specific techniques are being taught in the classes you missed, I can arrange for another student to pair with you, so that you will experience both giving and receiving those modalities.

Join a network of Lightworkers for Personal Transformation as you cleanse your aura, with a series of courses in the Shamanic Tradition that include Emotional Healing, Holistic Healing, Crystal & Gemstone Therapy, Color Healing, Chakra Healing, Spiritual Healing, Intuitive Counseling, Regression Therapy, Sound Therapy, Aromatherapy and other New Age Alternative Medicine technologies. This Certified Training Program is taught via Teleconference Workshops or in-person seminars by an expert in body/mind medicine.

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