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Message from Joy - August 2011

August 2011

We just finished the Grand Finale for the 22nd Vibrational Healing Certification Program. We had 8 people for the workshops in Hawaii, and it was Awesome! Students repeatedly mentioned how much MORE they got from the program than they expected. It’s not just about crystals and toning and aromatherapy and chakras. The hallmark of this work is the emphasis on the Underlying Cause of Dis-Ease. I believe that every illness—even so-called accidents—have an underlying emotional or spiritual cause. When we identify and express those pent-up emotions, the illness tends to lose its grip, and literally dissolves.

Most of the workshops in this program are oriented toward finding and releasing the Underlying Cause. During Making a Hypnotic CD, you set down your short-term and long-term goals and then you do a recording of your affirmations and visualizations to create your own positive reality– while letting go of all the negative stories. By listening to this CD every night before you go to sleep, for example, you reprogram your subconscious mind.

The Emotional Release Workshop is an opportunity to get rid of old garbage that prevents you from being All That You Can Be. Core Belief Reprogramming helps you to identify those old dysfunctional beliefs from other people, and it works with your subconscious to replace those beliefs with new and positive beliefs.

Several of the workshops help you clear out old garbage in other ways: the Past Life Regression Workshop helps you look at how your past karma may be influencing your current life; the Cellular Consciousness Workshop helps you to journey inside your body and look at physical ailments at the cellular level, while exploring their emotional origins. Releasing Earthbound Spirits shows you how to deal with entities, which can be a dramatic source of mental confusion.

All the workshops are experiential; you learn by observing me as I work on one of the participants. You will receive a hand-out that thoroughly explains each process. Then you will pair off and exchange sessions with another student. This gives you the opportunity to give and receive each modality.

This is why such deep personal transformations take place during this program. This is personal growth par excellence, coupled with acquiring incredible tools for healing. Yes, this program is for Healers, but it is equally open to those who simply want to experience a Journey of the Soul. There are 11 workshops in all, and they cover a broad spectrum of information and experience.

Those who wish to become Certified are required to perform a certain number of free sessions on other people in each modality, and to turn in Client Feedback Forms for each session (see Certification for more information).

We are beginning a new series of workshops, starting July 10th. I hope you can enroll before then, because last year we filled up and had to turn people away.

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